Cases of Lyme Disease up in LaSalle County

Studstill Media Photo

OTTAWA – In observance of Lyme Disease Awareness month, the LaSalle County Health Department reminds everyone to be mindful of ticks and the diseases they could cause.  There were 7 cases of Lyme disease confirmed in the county in 2019, up from recent lows of 2 cases in 2016 and 2017. The risk of exposure to ticks is greatest in or near wooded areas, however, ticks can also be carried by animals onto lawns and gardens and into houses by pets.

“Frequent tick checks increase the likelihood of finding a tick before it can transmit disease. While antibiotics can treat illnesses due to bites, it’s best to avoid tick exposure altogether by taking some simple precautions,” said Chris Pozzi, Director of Environmental Health at LaSalle County Health Department.