Streator High School’s soccer team could have a new playing location


Streator High School – Studstill Media Photo


STREATOR – The James Street Sports Complex in Streator could soon be home to the Streator Bulldogs soccer team. Earlier this week, Superintendent Scott Cameron gave the Streator High School Board an update on plans to facilitate the girl’s soccer team at the fields on James Street, hopefully by the fall. Athletic Director Nick McGurk says one of his priorities was to find a way to get the soccer culture a standalone situation.



Superintendent Cameron says there will even be $63,000 in funds to support improvements for the fields via a Community Partnership Grant with the Illinois State Board of Education.

The Streator High School Athletic Facility is where the boy’s soccer team plays, while the girl’s soccer team plays at the Streator YMCA. The biggest issue, according to McGurk, is that the high school’s facility is shared grounds with baseball, softball, and football practice. As a result, the fields get plenty of wear and tear with no time for the grounds to recover, making it less than adequate for additional teams to play on.

Currently, the high school and the city are working on logistics like caring for the field and making it playable as soon as this fall. Superintendent Cameron says they’re working on an intergovernmental agreement, and so far city officials are backing the game plan.