Weird News

Mississippi votes to finally end prohibition

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi has ended Prohibition. And no, this isn’t an old story. A law officially ending Prohibition was signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Tate Reeves, nearly 90 years after booze was legalized in

Doorbell camera catches baby birth

MARGATE, Fla. (AP) — Knock, knock? Who’s there? Baby. Baby who? The baby delivered at the front door of a birthing center — as a doorbell video captured the scene. The Natural Birthworks center in Margate, Florida

Fireworks business is booming

NEW YORK (AP) — Fireworks: they aren’t just for the Fourth of July anymore. As many people have probably noticed — there is a lot of booming going on. People from coast to coast have noted the

90-year-old climbs Scottish mountain for charity

LONDON (AP) — Imagine – a 90-year-old grandmother climbing to the top of Scotland’s iconic Suilven mountain. And that’s just what Margaret Payne did. She imagined making the trek to the peak because she’s confined to home

Michigan man wins lottery…again

SOUTH ROCKWOOD, Mich. (AP) — People who’ve played the lottery for years or decades — and never hit it big — can be forgiven for being envious of Mark Clark. That’s because the Michigan resident has hit

Ducks rescued from storm drain Sunday

DAVENPORT, IA – A family of ducklings crossing River Drive in Davenport, Iowa on Sunday afternoon found themselves trapped in a storm drain.   The Davenport Fire Department and Police Department sprang into action and rescued 10

Robots for sale, but must be used for peace only

UNDATED (AP) — You’ve seen them online — those animal-like robots often shown off in YouTube videos. And now, if you have deep-enough pockets, you can buy one. Boston Dynamics has begun selling its four-legged Spot robots

Mountain lion in San Francisco captured

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Cougar alert! Not exactly the kind of warning you’d expect to hear in a major U.S. city. But that’s what residents of San Francisco got yesterday. Authorities warned people to be on the