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IVCH MRI Magnet Delivered through the Roof

PERU – A giant magnet for a new MRI system was lifted through the roof of Illinois Valley Community Hospital on Wednesday.

The magnet that will be the heart of the new MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) system at Illinois Valley Community Hospital. It was lifted into place by crane through the roof of the new addition recently added to the IVCH diagnostic imaging department.  Expected to be in use by the end of the year, the new unit will have the widest opening currently available in any MRI system, making it easier for larger patients to have tests and less claustrophobic for patients of all sizes.  MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs and tissues within the body.  The million-dollar-plus system was obtained with the help of a grant from the IVCH Foundation.

The modular structure that will be the home of the new MRI unit at Illinois Valley Community Hospital was lifted into place on Thursday, November 15th.
The 40-ton addition to the hospital’s diagnostic imaging department was brought to Peru on an 80-foot tractor trailer truck and then hoisted by crane on to a concrete pad adjoining the outside wall to the department. The new addition to the main IVCH building will house a new magnetic resonance imaging unit that is expected to be in use by mid-December.
Manufactured by Canon Medical Systems and obtained with the help of a major grant from the IVCH Foundation, the new MRI at the Peru hospital will have the widest opening currently available, making it less claustrophobic than older systems.

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