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Illinois’ Republican Party opposes minimum wage plan

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SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Republican Party announced their opposition to Gov. J.B Pritzker’s minimum wage plan, citing huge cost to taxpayers and small business.  State Senator’s Sue Rezin and Joe Barickman raised concerns over the Senate Vote on Senate Bill 1, that would raise the state’s minimum wage from $8.25 to $15 dollars per hour over six years. According to a release, Senator Rezin fears detrimental impact on businesses. Rezin encourages considering the cost of living and other economic differences, calling upon her colleagues to come to the table to work out an agreement that is good for both businesses and workers. State Senator Joe Barickman says it isn’t about whether or not the minimum wage should be increased, it’s about how much, how fast and what we can do to minimize the loss of jobs, especially downstate. 

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