Andersen Trial Set to Start Next Week

Clifford Andersen – Photo Putnam Co Sheriffs Office

HENNEPIN – A trial of a Putnam County man accused of the murder of his sister-in-law is set to begin next week. 68-year-old Clifford Andersen, of Standard has been charged with 1st degree murder and concealment of death of his sister-in-law Deborah Dewey in 2016. In a pre-trial hearing held Thursday that lasted nearly 3 hours, Judge Stephen Kouri expressed concerns about holding the trial in Putnam County. Kouri says that because Putnam County is so small, it will be difficult to find jurors who are not familiar with the case or will have connection with one of the 75 witnesses in the case.

The prosecution and defense wrestled with motions to use recorded jail house phone calls, autopsy photos, as well as a surveillance video from the TA Truck stop in Morris. Prosecution believes the phone calls provide evidence to Andersen’s “evolving story” and feels the jury deserves to see the autopsy photos of Dewey. Judge Steven Kouri delayed ruling of the motions until reviewing all materials. Clifford Andersen’s trial will begin on Monday, July 9th.