Bureau County Board open to re-open planning

Bureau County – Graphic Studstill Media

PRINCETON – Bureau County Board members discussed looking towards reopening the county at Tuesday night’s board meeting. Connie Stetson of the 26th District told her fellow board members that big-box stores are being given unfair advantages in being allowed to sell more than just essential items, and that she feels Governor Pritzker’s strict stay-at-home order is like “being held hostage.” Although she was met with a couple of disagreements, Vice-Chairman of the Board Keith Cain agreed with Stetson, saying “if we don’t die of COVID-19, we’re gonna die a slow death anyway if we don’t open up the county.” The county’s Emergency Management Agency director, Keenan Cambell said that an email will be sent to all Bureau County mayors to discuss their opinions on opening up the county.