Cover crops planted at IVCC

IVCC agribusiness major Luke Lovgren of Princeton prepares the seedbed prior to seeding cover crops on the college farm – PHOTO IVCC

OGLESBY- The Illinois Valley Community College agriculture program, along with partners AgView FS, Ford and Sons, GRAINCO FS, tenant farmer Luke Holly and University of Illinois Extension recently planted four cover crop demonstration plots on 60 acres of the college farm.

Plots include cereal rye, cereal rye and radish, oats and radish, and annual ryegrass, turnips, and radish.

“Students will monitor the plots for biomass production and changes to soil conditions while studying the impact of cover crops on soil health,” said IVCC ag program co-coordinator and instructor Willard Mott.

The plots are on the campus farm south of the main campus and can be viewed from U.S. Route 251 and Orlando Smith Road.