District 289 Gets First Look At 2020 Budget

Dr. Kristen School – Studstill Media Photo

MENDOTA – The budget may look slightly different due to new regulations put into place by the state, but the estimated expenses are in and District 289 in Mendota may see themselves over $800,000 in the red for 2020.  Dr. Kristen School presented the outline at Thursday nights School Board Meeting.  She explained that going forward they have to categorize each expense for each of the three schools in the district, and although that was time consuming they found themselves ahead of schedule in meeting that requirement.  A part of the projected $826,338 deficit she said was the addition of new staff plus the eventual increase to $15 an hour for non-certified staff which will have to be taken into account.  A full budget hearing is scheduled for September 19th at 6:30 PM.