Livingston County Contact Tracers Seek Cooperation

PONTIAC – The Livingston County Health Department is seeking cooperation from those they contact to help speed up their job in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. They say that since contact tracing began in March, nearly 74,000 hours have been dedicated to contact tracing at the Livingston County Health Department. Contact tracers are working as quickly as possible to complete investigations; however, due to lags in the State’s reporting systems, high volumes of contacts, and a lack of response from individuals after attempts to communicate, there are delays in completing investigations. They ask that you answer the call and/or respond to messages left by contact tracers. If a contact tracer leaves you a message with a request for a call back, please do so as quickly as possible. Most contact tracers are using cell phones, so the caller ID may not reflect the LCHD. The department also reminds residents that those contacted follow the quarantine or isolation directions given. Individuals that are unwilling or unable to follow the quarantine/isolation directions risk spreading COVID-19 to others.