Man struck with hatchet after altercation at Bloomington bar

Kwame L. Weathers – Photo Bloomington Police Department

BLOOMINGTON – A man is recovering from a serious non-life threatening injury after being struck by a hatchet outside of a tavern in Bloomington.  The Bloomington Police Department say Saturday morning they were called to the 400 block of North Main Street for a possible stabbing.  During the investigation, they determined that a confrontation began inside the business and was then taken outside, when the 29-year-old victim reportedly was struck in the back with a hatchet.  The suspect allegedly fled the scene, but authorities were able to locate a man police identified  as 48-year-old Kwame L. Weathers at his residence and take him into custody.  A search of the area by a K9 unit also located an axe that was allegedly used in the incident.  Weathers was taken to the McLean County Jail being held on $500,000 bond.