Yednock highlights new government accountability measure

Representative Lance Yednock (D)
76th District – Photo


OTTAWA  – State Rep. Lance Yednock, D-Ottawa, is highlighting the new Open Illinois Checkbook Act that will increase transparency and accountability on Illinois’ finances, by asking the Illinois Comptroller’s Office to publish reports on where tax dollars go.


“Illinois is long overdue for fiscal accountability, and this new law will help lawmakers keep track of where tax dollars are going,” Yednock said. “Investments into education, job training and health care are vital to building a stronger Illinois, and now that we will have a better understanding of where the money is going, smart spending cuts and wiser investments can be made.”


Yednock is hailing the passage of the Open Illinois Checkbook Act, or House Bill 313, which asks the Illinois Comptroller’s Office to create and maintain a publicly accessible database within six months of the passage of this law that will detail the amounts of the expenditures made to vendors by which state department or agency that issued those payment.


Yednock also supported Illinois’ balanced budget this year to help put the state on sound financial footing. His budget plan invests an additional $375 million into public schools while eliminating $1 billion in old bills.


“By February next year, lawmakers will have more information on where payments are going and we will be able to determine the efficacy of such payments,” Yednock said. “Government needs to judiciously invest its finite resources into the areas that matter, and having a clearer picture on Illinois’ finances will help lawmakers make those choices and ultimately help taxpayers.”